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Skrill is a very reliable site to send and receive money to and from 135 countries.

Depending on your country, you can send and receive funds via checks, bank accounts and even credit cards. Fees are outlined here.

Register in Skrill

Skrill is available in many languages among them English German, French, Italian, Spanish and many more . Registration only takes but a few minutes. Money booker is a British company based in London used by more than 1.5 millions people.


Convert credit into money via Skrill

On Picdif, you can easily convert your earned credits into money using paypal or Skrill. To convert credits into cash go to the My Credits page of your Picdif account and click on the Convert credits into cash button. However, you must register with Skrill before converting credits. As soon as money has arrived to your Skrill account you will be notified by email from Skrill.

Be sure the email address entered in the conversion form on matches exactly to your email address in your Skrill account.

Picdif offers Paypal as an option to transfer money to your account