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Welcome to  PiCDiF Stock Photos 

Welcome to Picdif Stock Photos, an original source for Indian & Asian royalty-free stock images. Artists, designers and photographers from around the world come here to create, work and learn. Although Picdif started with just a handful of photos in 500, we now offer thousands of photos for lowest prices on the web.
All Picdif files are sold for non-exclusive/royalty-free which means you only have to pay once to use the file multiple times. We promise that content used within the terms of the license agreement will not infringe on any copyright, moral right, trademark or other intellectual property right, or violate any right of privacy or publicity.

What is Stock Photography?

Every day you see thousands of images in magazines, packaging, posters, online and on TV. But very few of these images were created specifically for that product, promotion or concept - what you're seeing is stock photography. Stock photos are ready-made images that are licensable for use in your advertising or promotional materials to illustrate specific things, concepts or ideas. Picdif's images, media and design elements are just the beginning - they are the raw materials to get your graphic design started.

History of Picdif

In 2008, with an advertising background, we felt there is a dearth of indian and asian stock images online. So we just started picdif with a handful of images shot collectively and saw a creative community grow around this. Web designers loved it and downloaded as many pictures as they could.
Now you could get a high-quality image for around a dollar, and the photographer who contributed it can also get paid a royalty. Anyone, anywhere can join us for free, find the digital media they need and sell original content of their own. offers you low price digital photo downloads and an opportunity to sell your photos as well.

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With our unparalleled Pay-As You-Go Credit Packs and Subscriptions Offers, you can download photos for as low as $1 even for Large Sizes.
Our full fledged inhouse photo production facility allows us to offer you the cheapest Stock Photos, you can find online.
We can even organize customized shoots as per your requirements.
Pls submit your request through our contact form or raise a ticket. We will get back to you in 48 hrs.

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Please see  our terms of use for more information on acceptable use of our images.

Share and sell your photos!

We invite amateur and professional photographers to submit photos for inclusion on the website. Photographers will have their own portfolio page to share their talents with our millions of visitors.
High resolution versions of all our photographers' photos are available for sale. With our well balanced optimum pricing structure, you will earn a commission on every sale of your photograph from our site and everytime. The more photos you have on the site, and the better their quality, the more chance you have of earning some money. Sign up with PiCDiF now!

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Exciting new features, special offers and competitions are also in the pipeline.